Cardiothoracic Surgery ”Biomet Microfixation” Pectus Support Bar system


The Biomet Microfixation” Pectus Support Bar and stabilizers are surgical implants intended to aid treatment of Pectus Excavatum deformity. The Pectus Support Bar provides the surgeon with a means to reposition bony structures( sternum, breastbone) by applying internal force outwardly eliminating the funnel shape deformity. The device should be removed when remodeling is evident. The Pectus Support Bar and staibilzers are made from stainless steel, ASTM F 138.
Pectus excavatum is caused by abnormal cartilage growth of both sides of the ribs and sternum, resulting in a funnel-shaped chest wall anomalies. It is also the most common congenital chest wall deformities. It is possible to oppress the heart and lungs to affect their function by smaller chest cavity. The incidence is about one of 300 to 400 newborns while the proportion of men and women is from 3 to 4: 1